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Your submitted CE Records from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2020  (Select a calendar year : )

Date of SubmissionActivity NameOrganizerBegin DateEnd DateRecognized CE ActivitiesProofCE Point(s) (CEU)
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Calculation of CE Point(s)  (Calendar Year 2019)

Recognized CE ActivitiesCE Point(s)

Total CE Point(s) of Recent 3 CE Cycles

Calendar YearTotal CE Point(s)
Year 20200
Year 20190

Submitting CE Records


1. Input the Name, Organizer and Dates of your CE activities.
2. Choose the CE category from the pull-down list at ‘Recognized CE Activities’.
3. Enter the CE Point(s) [CEU] as instructed (Highlighted in BOLD)
4. Click ‘Submit’ Button to confrim

Note: You can input one record only in each submission

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