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Title for Registrants of Accredited Healthcare Professional Body – Educational Psychologist – 20 May 2024

This is to announce that the title for registrants of accredited healthcare professional body is revised with immediate effect:
   ► “Educational Psychologist in Accredited Register”

HKAEP members are now eligible users of assessment tools developed by the HKSpLD Research Team – 13 July 2022

The HKSpLD Research Team has advised that HKAEP would be recognized as one of the eligible user criteria for the assessment tools developed by the Research Team with effect from 24 June, 2022. Our HKAEP members can download the application forms as test users at their website

Extension of the Deadline for Membership Application under the Grandfather Clause – 9 Oct 2021

In view of the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of public service and individual’s daily activities over the last two years, the HKAEP has decided to extend the deadline for membership application under the Grandfather Clause from 30th October 2021 to 30th October 2022, so that potential applicants could have enough time to prepare the documents required.

Hong Kong English Reading Ability Test for Primary-One Pupils (HKE) – 4 Aug 2020

Accredited Educational Psychologists of HKAEP are recognized and eligible to be the registered users of the HKE.
Members can visit the “Privilege” section under the “Registrants Area” (Members Only, login required) for details.

New resources for the outbreak of COVID-19 – 3 Mar 2020

The resources are placed in the “Downloads” section under the “Registrants Area” (Members Only, login required).

Announcement of Pilot Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions – Educational Psychologist – 31 Oct 2019

The Department of Health (DH) announced today (Oct 31 2019) that Hong Kong Association of Educational Psychologists (HKAEP) has been granted full accreditation status under the Pilot Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions (AR Scheme). The HKAEP is authorised as the accredited healthcare professional body responsible for administering a register for the educational psychologists.

Press Release


Educational Psychologists in Hong Kong are encouraged to apply to HKAEP as member.
Please refer to our website ( for details of our application requirement and procedures.
Grandfathering application must be submitted by 30 Nov 2021 (

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