Renewal of Registration

In order to remain listed on the register, members of HKAEP are required to submit their membership renewal annually.

For membership status activated on or before 31st August of the year, the membership is due for renewal on 31st December in the same year and each following year. And for membership status activated on or after 1st September of the year, the membership is due for renewal on 31st December in the next year and each subsequent year. Members will receive a renewal notification by email in early November if their membership is due for renewal by 31st December in that year. Membership renewal would be processed via an online renewal system.

If a member failed to file their membership renewal application before the due date, a grace period of three months is granted. The member is still considered as a registered member under the grace period.

If a member fails to submit a membership renewal application within the grace period, his/her name will be removed from the register and he/she must make a new application for registration and meet all registration requirements listed at the time of the new application. Proof of identity and qualifications, as well as other required documents must be provided at that time. The same procedure will be applied to those whose registration were accepted under the Grandfather Clause.

Online Renewal System

The online renewal system will be opened on 1st of November every year. Members are obligated to submit their application for membership renewal via our online system before the expiry of their membership. Members may log in to your HKAEP online account and access the renewal system from “My Account”.