Renewal of Registration

Annual renewal is essential to maintain registration and be listed on the register. For the first application for registration, successful applicants are issued a Registration Certificate which expires on Dec 31 of the year. Registrants are at liberty to apply for renewal of registration or not to do so. However, to remain registered, registrants must renew their registration annually by 1st January each year. A renewal notice will be mailed to registrants in November while an email notice will be emailed to those with an overseas address. As long as a registrant submits a complete application for renewal of registration with the requested documents no later than three months past its due date, the registrant will be considered registered under this grace period. After renewal, a new registration certificate will be sent to the registrant.

If a registrant fails to renew the registration successfully within the grace period, the registrant’s name will be removed from the register. However, de-registered members are welcome to register as a new applicant at any point in time by submitting a new application and meeting all registration requirements listed at the time of the new application. Proof of identity and qualifications, as well as other required documents must be provided at that time as well. The same procedure will be applied to those whose registration were accepted under the Grandfather Clause.

Members could process the renewal of registration by entering “My Account” at the top of the webpage after logging in(coming soon).